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Brighton Siding Contractors

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction

Carlson Siding is the first name in siding in Brighton. As experienced siding contractors, you can expect to  receive quality craftsmanship and great customer service every time. From siding to installation of windows and gutters, screens, and fascias, Carlson Siding is your best choice for exceptional work and affordable prices.

Your siding choice will likely be a major upgrade in your home’s appearance. Your home’s siding does a fantastic job of protecting the exterior of your home. If you have deteriorating or discolored  home siding, now is a great time to consider siding replacement from Carlson Siding!

Regardless of what kind of style your home is – from Ranch style to Victorian, we know that new siding will  make the outside of your home look simply gorgeous. New siding doesn’t just make your home more aesthetically-pleasing, but it can also help to boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value. This is fantastic news if you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the next few years.

We know that a lot of Brighton homeowners might be afraid that replacement siding can be expensive and are worried that it won’t fit into their budget. Carlson Siding will work with you to find a Brighton siding solution that will fit into your budget. We believe that all homes deserve to look beautiful, are local, and are ready to provide you and your home with the new siding you need to keep your home looking fresh, modern, and stunning. Discover more about replacement siding in Brighton from Carlson Siding!

Choosing the Right Siding from your Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding
When selecting siding, there are six basic issues to consider:

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction
  • Durability. Ask us which choices are the best for our climate – which type has the strength to resist temperature shifts and pressure changes. How will my choice stand up to everyday wear and tear?
  • Energy Efficiency. Ask about the insulation value of your siding options.Water Resistance. Water-resistant types of siding will have longer life spans.
  • Aesthetics. Your siding will be in full view as you come and go, so make sure it is beautiful to you.
  • Versatility. Make sure the siding has the versatility to meet the varied needs of your specific project. Ask us If there are any aspects of your home’s exterior that will make using a particular type of siding more challenging than others, understand there may be added costs or necessary adjustments .
  • Environmentally Friendly.  Is this important to you?  Ask us about “Green” siding options.

Brighton Siding Contractors – About Siding

What is Siding? Siding and wall cladding is the exterior material applied to the walls of a house or other building meant to shed water, protect the walls from the effects of weather, insulate, and is a key in the aesthetics of the structure. Some walls such as solid brickwork and masonry veneer are not covered with siding, but some buildings such as log buildings can have siding added. Siding may be formed of horizontal or vertical boards, shingles, or sheet materials. In all cases, avoiding wind and rain infiltration through the joints is a major challenge, met by overlapping, covering or sealing the joints, or by creating an interlocking joint such as a tongue and groove or rabbet. Since building materials expand and contract with changing temperature and humidity, it is not practical to make rigid joints between the siding elements so they often leak.

Siding may be made of wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry, or composite materials. It may be attached directly to the building structure (studs in the case of wood construction), or to an intermediate layer of wood (boards, planks, plywood, oriented strand board) called sheathing   An intermediate air/moisture barrier such as housewrap or felt paper may be applied to the sheathing as an air/moisture barrier.

Brighton Siding Contractors – About Steel Siding

Steel siding is resilient and comes in several textures and colors.  It is an excellent top-of-the-line choice for your home’s exterior.  It is resistant to the ever-changing elements and unyielding to thermal expansion, warping and buckling. It is practically maintenance free and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Metal will not crack or shatter due to hail or cold weather. Steel is much stronger than vinyl, offering the best wind protection available. Steel siding is fire-resistant and doesn’t burn.  It is environmentally friendly and easily recycled.  Ask Carlson Siding about your options for Steel Siding.

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction
Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding also offers Cedarwood Steel Siding

From the first glance, Cedarwood steel siding exudes elegance. Its remarkably realistic cedar appearance so closely resembles genuine cedar that it’s difficult to tell the difference. The secret is in our patented Color Fusion coating process that blends warm browns and natural hues in non-repeating patterns to create the variegated coloring and visual appeal of cedar.

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding – Cedarwood Product Features

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction

Enduring Protection
Cedarwood steel delivers premium results when it comes to long-lasting beauty and protection for your home. A specially formulated Kynar 500 coating provides an exceptionally strong finish that will resist staining, mildew and dirt. It also is warranted against excessive chalking and color change for 25 years, despite exposure to harsh weather.

Commanding Steel Strength Cedarwood’s rugged steel construction is virtually impervious to outdoor elements. And unlike wood, compressed particle board or fiber cement, it won’t absorb moisture. It’s also resistant to dents, warping, fire, termites, chalking, fading, and brittleness in cold weather.

Added Dimension Cedarwood’s generously proportioned 1/2″ butt height adds greater dimension and style with dramatic shadow lines.

High Dimensional Stability Rigid steel panels resist buckling and the wavy appearance that can result from expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather changes. Cedarwood also will subtly conceal flaws in the exterior’s substructure, keeping wall lines exceptionally smooth and straight.

Smooth Finished Look While fiber cement and compressed particle boards typically require caulked joints, Cedarwood’s “seams” are crisp and clean.

Simple Upkeep
Taking care of Cedarwood steel siding will require very little upkeep. Unlike fiber cement that may require periodic recaulking and repainting, or wood siding that typically needs repainting every five to seven years, Cedarwood demands not much more than an occasional rinse with a garden hose – perfect for today’s lifestyle.

Protecting Your Investment
When you consider the time and money spent repainting year after year, you’ll see why steel siding is a smart choice. Cedarwood not only will create an attractive, worry-free exterior, but will enhance the curb appeal of your home. And in today’s resale market, a beautiful, low-maintenance finish can be a valuable amenity.

How to Clean and Maintain Steel Siding

Basic Cleaning
A bucket, garden hose, laundry detergent such as Tide (about 1/3 cup to a gallon of water), and a soft brush are the best tools to use to maintain and clean metal siding. For grease spots or heavy grime, try using a non-abrasive cleanser such as Simple Green, Spic-N-Span, or Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser powder.

Heavy-duty Cleaning
Mineral spirits are best for removing old caulking, tar, wood sap, and similar problem areas. Extremely troublesome areas may require some light scraping with a putty knife, but be careful not to scar the siding.

Brighton Siding Contractors – About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is tough and comes in a large variety of colors and textures. Because the color is throughout the material, nicks and scratches don’t show up. Sophisticated manufacturing techniques create products that do a surprisingly fine job of mimicking wood-grain lap siding, wood shingles and even stone. Vinyl siding is lightweight and, in many instances, can be installed directly over existing materials, so it’s a good retrofit option. Because it’s easy to handle, vinyl installation can be installed quickly, saving labor costs. The material requires little or no maintenance, and dirt simply washes off. Vinyl Siding never needs repainting. Vinyl has relatively low cost compared to other siding materials.

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding and Construction

Brighton Siding Contractor Carlson Siding is pleased to offer Sagebrush Vinyl Siding by Norandex

Customers know Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding is different from other sidings the moment the first panel is pulled from the box. It stands tall and straight, proving its superior rigidity. It’s thicker and will not bow or bend like thinner competitive panels. And if Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding won’t bend or bow before it’s installed, you know it will deliver outstanding performance once it’s on the wall – providing straight, smooth lines that keep their fresh new look year after year.

Straight walls and a wide variety of colors translates into a fantastic looking home no matter where you stand or when the sun shines on it. When you round up all the facts, you’ll understand why Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding is catching on in neighborhoods all across the country.

Brighton Vinyl Siding Care & Maintenance….

  • Wash It
    Give your vinyl siding a good cleaning at least once yearly.  Be prepared with a hose, a stiff-bristle brush, a bucket & sponge, and a mild detergent such as laundry soap or a TSP substitute. After scrubbing the surfaces using the listed items, rinse with water. 
  • Clear It
    Vinyl siding is very durable and doesn’t rot or wear in the same way as wood, however it can still crack or puncture. You can help keep your siding in good shape by trimming shrubbery and trees away from the house so they don’t come into contact with the siding and damage it.
  • Inspect It
    Inspect and investigate any suspicious streaking or staining that appears on the vinyl siding as it may be an indication of concealed moisture related problems from another source.  Because the screws or  nails securing the siding to the wall lose their holding power in rotted wood, loose areas of siding are another warning sign.
  • Don’t Bash It
    Be careful where you park your bicycle, lawn mower, or snowblower. Vinyl doesn’t dent , but it can crack or break, especially when rendered brittle by cold weather. Call Carlson Siding to replace any damaged sections as soon as you can.
  • Secure It
    Colorado can be especially subject to high winds which can pull any loose siding off a structure, so be sure it is firmly attached.  If you find yourself in need of repair – give Carlson Siding a call…!
  • Don’t Melt It
    Vinyl has a low melting point and is slow to burn. Make sure your barbecue and patio torches and any other sources of high heat are a safe distance away from the wall.

Brighton Vinyl Siding Contractor FAQ

Why should I install vinyl siding in Brighton?
Vinyl siding has quickly become a very popular residential siding material across America because of it’s numerous benefits. It’s specifically designed to have high durability, resisting damage from extreme temperatures, rain, wind, snow, and impacts, while also demanding little to no maintenance to keep up it’s beautiful, stylish appearance. Carlson Siding offers a wide variety of different styles, colors, and textures for you to choose from, and all can be counted on to increase your home’s property value significantly.

How much does it cost for vinyl siding Brighton services?
Factors which can affect the final price of your Brighton siding project include many factors such as: the scale of the work you’re interested in having completed; the particular style and quality of materials you’d like; and the specific Brighton vinyl siding contractor you choose to perform the work. To receive the most accurate estimate possible, we invite you to contact us and schedule a free estimate with your experienced local vinyl siding Brighton contractor – Carlson Siding. We’ll be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with all the information on pricing, servicing, time-frames, and guarantees which you may have.

Can I install vinyl siding in Brighton by myself?
While some homeowners install vinyl siding without a professional, the installation process is very precise and calls for a very high level of attentiveness and experience to ensure high quality results. Improperly installed vinyl siding in Brighton can lead to a number of different problems including increased likelihood of water damage, pest infestation, damaged siding panels, and even irreparable damages to the structure of the home itself. Contact experienced professional vinyl siding Brighton contractor Carlson Siding to make sure that your home is taken care of by the most reputable and reliable contractor on the market today – your local Brighton siding contractor.

Always clean from the bottom up, and start the task before the sun heats the siding.